Launching yourself right into purchase mode when you are planning to buy a kids jumping castle is not the best decision when it comes to your business or the safety of your clients children, and most of all, you need to make sure you understand what you’re getting for your money!

As a business owner, you want to be able to deliver the very best to every single one of your customers, and it may just be a bouncy castle, but there are some basic things you can do to ensure that you avoid all the past mistakes people have already made when rushing into buying a commercial inflatable of any shape or size. Whether you’re build your inventory specifically for a birthday party theme, or for plain old popularity of a specific character like this mickey mouse water park, making the optimum choice is easy!

All types of bouncy castles and inflatables have always been a favorite for birthday parties and among children of all ages. This also leads to a lot of parents question the safety and durability before they hire one from you. This might include questions such as, “will this deflate on the children when they are inside?”, or “will my children get hurt climbing in certain areas?” and many more.

By reading below, you will be avoiding all the mistakes we have seen people make in the past.

Research everything…

notes on paperBefore you do anything, do your research! At Oz Inflatables, we are strong believers in doing proper research before making any purchase of items for our business. Talking with your customers is a great what to understand what is popular in the market now, as well as learning of any new characters or movies that the children are eagerly awaiting to see. Keeping a detailed list of requirements for both your business as well as your clients is a must when doing your research on new products.

Do not buy a jumping castle without a warranty

Whether you have been in the rental business for years or just getting started, we all know just how fast these inflatables can go down when punctured. Now, there are sometimes natural or human factors in your jumping castle getting a hole, however factors like air pressure and the weight of the kids bouncing around is an important point to discuss and confirm before you buy a jumping castle, inflatable water slide or even a large obstacle course, you want to make sure that your warranty will cover large holes should the damaged be caused by a defect in the design.

It would be a shame to invest money into something for your business will only be able to rent out to your customers for short amount of time because you didn’t get the right warranty coverage. Don’t not think for a second, “It will be fine, we will worry about that when the time comes,” because when buying any type of product, you never know what may happen.

Choose durability and cost over style

Being in the rental business it’s nice having the prettiest bouncy castle will make your customers kids scream for joy, however if it only lasts a couple hours, your clients and your business will be let down. That is why when you buy a jumping castle, you need to make sure its going to be durable and is within your budget first.

residential or commercial

An inflatable my look nice and be one that your customers are talking about, but if you order it from company who uses low quality materials it’s going to end up costing you a whole lot, it’s not worth it. Your customers and your business deserve products that will last! At Oz Inflatables we guarantee all our products.

Also, you shouldn’t be paying more than your company can budget for. Things like flags or optional extras are often mentioned as part of package to try and get your focus on all the great points, while glancing over the more important details like buying an inflatable that is going to serve you and your clients for years to come.

Safety first

Having any type of inflatable at an event is all fun and games, but you have to put safety first for you business and your customers. This is why it’s vital to ensure that every on you buy has proper safety features.

One of the most important thing to beware of is that it comes with seam protectors for the crevices around the edge. At Oz Inflatables we provide that as standard, but it’s never a bad thing to double check because children who will be bouncing around have tiny feet and its easy to end up with twisted ankles while they are bouncing around enjoying the party.