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If you want to buy something extra special for your party planning venture, the two-lane inflatable slide is a perfect choice for you.

It’s just what’s needed for ensuring that the next upcoming community events are a smash hit! Make this occasion one that will stand out in everyone’s memory.

Order your blow-up dual two lane slide today.

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Product Information

When you add this mega-sized inflatable slide to your inventory, you will have the ideal party activity for children.

Being able to say you have a kids’ blow up slide is an extraordinary claim to make.

It will really impress your clients. It can be the point of difference that makes you stand out from the competitors and get your company that booking.

When you buy a giant inflatable slide, you should know that it can be used as a water slide as well.

So for anyone doesn’t feel comfortable being limited to a dry slide only, this product is adaptable.

For those with a rental business with an anxious client around water, you can confirm it’s not a water slide. It merely a slide with or without water features and a pool.

The two-lane inflatable slide is the perfect entry-level item.

For those who are looking to start up your own company, or just want to have an inflatable you can lend out to parties for a small fee, this low cost two-lane dry slide/water slide is the best choice for you.

An Overview of the Two-lane inflatable Slide Features

At a glance, it is easy to see why the two-lane slide is a favourite party item and is great for all types of events!

It has hold bars that make it easier to stay in place while waiting for the previous user to move out of the way.

It comes in the brightest array of welcoming colours with maximum appeal to children of all ages. All of these are completely open to customization to suit your company brand

The attractive exterior of the standard design makes it easier to differentiate between the top and the bottom when you are laying out the flattened inflatable and getting it ready for set up,

It has a sturdy frame, yet also has no sharp edges or corners. This is a big selling point for anyone planning on using this at events with meduim to young age children

We all know that no matter how many precautions are taken to ensure complete health and safety measures are in place, it doesn’t always stop someone from accidentally falling and hurting themselves, but with the two lane slide, the high walls are the best counter to this you’ll find.

Large Inflatable Slide For Sale

When word gets out into the community that you have a large inflatable slide for hire, you will be incredibly busy in summer.

This is when you can really turn a profit as happy clients begin to book your two-lane inflatable slide again and again.

Of course, as a hire company or party planner, you have to think about what items in your inventory will give you the most significant profit margin and get you the most bookings.

The wet/dry use inflatable slide is definitely in the top three money makers for hire companies everywhere.

We are lucky in Australia to have beautiful, hot weather for the majority of the year so you can make the most of our fantastic country, and take the opportunity to order this two lane inflatable for your hire company’s inventory, regular company events, or even for personal use.

Safety Instructions

If you are a seasoned hire company professional, we don’t need to tell you much about health and safety precautions. You could probably write the book yourself.

However, if the two-lane inflatable slide is your first purchase, or and you are a newcomer to the business, you might want to read up as much as possible on the subject before launching your business. We provide a detailed instruction manual with all orders.

Some key points to consider are

  1. Always be on site to monitor conditions and children using the equipment.
  2. Ensure there is a solid and flat surface to set up your inflatable when setting it up.
  3. Tie warning flags around all guide ropes and pegs.
  4. Check continuously for the appropriate age, height, and weight regulatory breaches.
  5. Create bans for rude and aggressive behaviour.

Order Your Very Own Two Lane Inflatable Slide

The low-cost price of this item makes it one of our more popular designs! And, it’s straightforward to order one from our site.

Simply click the Request a Quote button at the top of this page and one of our friendly team will be in touch with you. Normally within 12 hours.

Alternatively, you can give us a call during business hours to speak with a team member directly


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