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If you have been looking for a commercial grade inflatable water slide for sale online, you will be glad to learn that the Banzai is our most popular model.

The colours, shapes, and design really amps up the enjoyment levels.


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Product Information

Picture for a moment, the fun on a long, summer days could be when you buy this amazing blow-up water slide for your family.

We have an unmatched range of whatever size and shape inflatable water parks you desire, and our most popular seller is the consistently the Banzai Water Slide.

It is so much more than just a standard water slide!

With the Banazi design, you get to a complete inflatable world of wonder that your kids and their friends will enjoy for years…

They will be able to spend many happy summer days creating an imaginary land with the cannons, ramps, and other challenges.

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Below you will find a list of the reasons why the Banzai is one of the best inflatable water slides on the market.

When you describe all of the play areas and fun facts about the water park to your little ones, they won’t be able to contain their excitement!

And we guarantee when you when you unpack and get this inflatable setup, all the delightful toys and features will become a fantastic childhood memory.

An Overview of the Banzai Water Slide Features

Brace yourselves for a fun time because the Banzai Water Slide includes some of the most attractive features for any water slide or water park fan.

If you were to ask any child what they would want to be included in a water-based activity centre, they will almost certainly have these on their list.

  • Fully functional, fun, easy to use water guns. Actually, these are more like cannons. They are safely positioned at each corner of the inflatable, primed and ready for action.
    For anyone coming down the slides, they better watch out, because there’s going to be a water gun waiting to go off!
  • What would an inflatable water park be without a safe climbing area?
    Well, with the Banzai Water Slide, you get more than just one! Anywhere that a child fancies to swing and climb when they play on the Banzai Water Slide is safe from sharp edges or falling.
    The water containment side faces wherever you plan to sit and watch. Your kids can spend countless hours splashing, paddling, and playing make-believe games.
  • Two big water slides make up part of the Banzai Water Slide design will have your children smiling all day.
    If they want to include their friends in the games, this isn’t a problem. The Banzai Water Slide is big enough to handle larger gatherings and events comfortably.
    Your kids can play with all their friends!
  • The inflatable park can pack down into an easily stored flattened bag that’s measures approximately 35m(L) x 1.05m(W) x 1.05m(H), while still being inflates to a huge 6.8m(L) x 5.5m(W) x 3.7m(H) space that ensures there are no waiting lines to use the fun features.

Safety Tips for Water Slides

Of course, we as Australians know all about the dangers of unsupervised water play.

But in case this is your first time using a water slide, there are some safety tips that we recommend you learn and remember each time the inflatable is in use.

If you are in any doubt, please refer to the instructions that come with your purchase.

Also, the Occupational Safety and Health Department of Commerce in Australia has laid out guidelines for the persons who operate any water slide for private or commercial use.

  1. Risk Assessment: Determine if there is any danger when the inflation device is set up.
    Continue to do this throughout the period of use. Stop anyone from using the inflatable that is too unruly, small, or otherwise incapacitated.
  2. The main items to be checked include structure, installation, anchor points, ground conditions, and weather.
    As you prepare to use the slide, consider orientation lessons, the maximum number of occupants, weight, height, and age restrictions, number of blowers in operation, and evacuation measures.
  3. We provide a checklist for you with the delivery of your Banzai Water Slide.
    If you would like to read the Department’s guidelines in more detail, please click the link.

How to Order Your Very Own Banzai Water Slide

Make this summer a special one for your children and their friends.

Our friendly team of operators is standing by to take your order whenever you decide to buy your very own Banzai Water Slide.

If you have any questions about delivery times to your area, or whether the inflatable item you are ordering is the right size for the number of people who will be using it, we will be happy to fill you in on any details and answer your questions

Simply click the Request A Quote button at the top of the page, and the Oz Inflatables staff will reply with all the information you need.

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