Kids Inflatable Obstacle Course

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There are no doubts that kids will ever get bored with this 40-foot obstacle course! We’re talking climbing, jumping, crawling, racing, and running, this inflatable obstacle course is the grand daddy of them all that is sure to keep children stimulated for hours!

There’s nothing better than having a fun and safe obstacle course in your inventory that is completely soft and padded throughout. You will never have to worry about a child falling down or crawling on this huge 40 foot bouncy game park. If you want your parties or events to be one to remembered by your customers, you need this fun packed obstacle course!


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Need something more than a Frozen jumping castle? This 40-foot obstacle course is perfect for all ages and any size party or event your business is hired to entertain. Also, this inflatable is not just for kids to enjoy… it’s large enough for parents to enjoy with their kids if they want!

Did we mention the “rock” climbing wall? Yes, this inflatable obstacle course has a climbing wall! For an affordable price, you get a variety of fun and it will keep the kids happy. Now, who will be the king of this 40 footer?

Loaded with extras!

With this inflatable obstacle course, we are talking loads of fun! This obstacle course has tunnels to start, obstacle pillars, bounce room, climbing wall, and a giant slide for the finish! This is truly the mega-course, the inflatable obstacles create a challenging yet fun adventure. The simple way to put it is, this course is a perfection combination of all the favorite obstacle choices. With its bright colors and diversity of activities, it makes it hard to resist for the kids—they will be jumping with excitement. In addition, this inflatable is completely safe and durable to be used to its full potential — jump, run, slide, and climb as much as you desire!

It’s the ulimate kids inflatable obstacle course

This unbeatable 40-foot obstacle course comes with easy inflating and deflating capabilities, heavy duty stakes, a storage bag for your convenience, and a vinyl patch repair. Yeah—we don’t just provide fun, we provide convenient and easy to manage inflatables! Made with professional and quality fire resistant vinyl, children will be guaranteed safety. Everything is padded and soft for all kinds of body impact to ensure children are injury free. The 40-foot obstacle course is impeccably easy to set up and take down, with easy folding capabilities and fills up with air fast. Each obstacle is padded or filled with air, making it fun and easy to navigate through the courses. In this specific course, you have the rock climbing wall, foot obstacle course, and the element obstacle course with inflatable weights.

If you are looking for the mega inflatable, the 40-foot obstacle course is the one! By choosing this mac-daddy of all inflatables, you will have, by far, the best party. Not only does it provide fun for everyone, but it is also safe! From young to older children, parties small and big, this obstacle really is great for any occasion. You can’t go wrong with 40 feet of obstacle courses. Happy obstacle coursing!

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kids inflatable obstacle course

Kids Inflatable Obstacle Course