Air Track Inflatable Gymnastic Mat

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Make your training area at home a lot more comfortable with one of these inflatable gymnastic mats that are perfect for all of your daily exercises and activities.

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$359.00$389.00 (-8%)


Product Information

These Air Track inflatable gymnastic mats are designed to be lightweight and easy to move around the gym floor while still providing great support for your body during takeoffs and landings.

When fully inflated, this mat measures 3 meters long, 1 meter wide and is 10cm thick, which means you will be able to train harder and longer compared to the traditional equipment in most gyms.

Measuring 3 meters long and 1 meter wide there is plenty of room to share with your friends, and the mats can be easily joined together.

Each mat comes with a free blower that inflates the mat in under 60 seconds and there are custom sizes available on request.

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Black, Mint Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow

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Air Track Inflatable Gymnastic Mat

$359.00$389.00 (-8%)